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Santa Cruz Dry Herb Shredder Grinder - Vogue Spray

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Santa Cruz Shredder Vogue Spray Grinder

Santa Cruz is known for extremely high-quality grinders that shred instantly and with little effort, and now they've added some fresh style to their line-up with the Vogue 3-Piece Spray can that looks just like a miniature can of spray paint! No paint inside, just your freshly and perfectly ground herbal magic.

How it Works

Remove the top lid, apply your material to the teeth. Be sure not to load too much! Replace the lid, and rotate fully or back and forth until the material is fully ground and has fallen into the bottom chamber. Unscrew middle section from the bottom to access your material.


The Santa Cruz Shredder Vogue Spray Grinder is pretty efficient and stays relatively clean, but depending on the quality and moisture level of your material, occasional cleaning may be required. The debris in the teeth can be cleaned with a quick soak in warm soapy water, or for stubborn debris, isopropyl alcohol, followed by a plastic brush to remove any remaining debris. Rinse and dry all parts immediately. Do not use the Santa Cruz Shredder Vogue Spray Grinder until it has dried completely.

What's in the Box

  • Santa Cruz Shredder Vogue Spray Grinder


  • Superb Construction Quality
  • Bi-directional Cutting Teeth
  • Durable Thread Pattern
  • Rare-Earth Magnet Closure
  • Textured Grip
  • 1 5/8" Dia.


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