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Grav Labs 5.5" Standard Ash Catcher 45 degree angle | 19mm joint

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Color: 45 degree - 19mm joint

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5.5" Standard Ash Catcher 45 degree angle | 19mm joint

The Grav Labs family of clear glass Ash Catchers will help you boost your pipe to pro level. The 5.5" Standard Ash Catcher offers choices you don't often see in others of their kind. With two different sizes (14mm and 19mm), plus a choice in either a 45 or 90 degree joint angles, you don't have to settle for what's available, you get what you want. The showerhead downstem does not disappoint, and cleaning it couldn't be easier. The downstem is removable just like the ash catcher itself for a much easier to rinse and handle piece of glass--designed to take on the majority of buildup--than a bulky or intricate water pipe.

Appearance, function, and durability all come together in this Grav Labs Standard Ash Catcher to provide an exceptional smoking experience.

Check out also our Grav Labs family of Phoenix Ash Catchers coming in your choice of 45 or 90 degree angle and 14mm or 19mm joint.


  • Showerhead Diffused Downstem & Bowl
  • Different Size And Angle Options
  • Lightweight, Sturdy Tubing
  • Easy To Maintain


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