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Hathi IKON 900 mAh Battery - User Manual



  1. Screw the tank onto a fully charged battery. Do not over tighten.
  2. Quickly press and release the battery power button 5 times within 2 seconds to turn the battery on. The power level indicator will flash 3 times indicating it is on.
  3. Place the mouthpiece end in your mouth, press and hold the battery power button, and draw like a normal cigarette. The power level indicator will light up indicating it is working properly. Release the battery power button when done.
  4. Your Hathi IKON electronic cigarette has a built in safety feature that will temporarily cause it to stop working for 5 seconds after a continuous 15 second draw to avoid overexposure to nicotine.
  5. When the battery power button is pressed, the power level indicator will indicate the battery power as follows: White over 30%, Blue 30% to 10%, and Red under 10%. When the power level indicator turns red, it is time to charge the battery.
  6. Keep product away from high temperatures and store in a clean, dry, and cool place.


  1. When not in use, turn the battery off by quickly pressing and releasing the battery power button 5 times within 2 seconds to avoid accidental discharge. The power level indicator will flash 3 times indicating it is off.
  2. Screw the battery into the Hathi IKON USB Charger. Make sure all connections are clean and free of dust.
  3. Insert the USB charger into the Hathi AC Adapter and plug into any 100-240V outlet. USB charger can also be used with Hathi Car Charger Adapter.
  4. While charging, the USB charger indicator light will turn red.
  5. When charging is complete, the USB charger indicator light will turn green.

Warning: Only use the Hathi IKON approved USB Charger for your Hathi IKON Battery. Chargers from other Hathi models or brands other than Hathi are not compatible with your Hathi IKON Battery. Damage resulting from the use of incompatible chargers is not covered by warranty.


Hathi electronic cigarettes and accessories are covered by a 30-day warranty against manufacturer defects only. The warranty does not cover wear and tear or misuse. Please visit our website www.hathicigs.com for additional details.


If you have any questions not covered in this manual, please contact your Hathi retailer or visit our website www.hathicigs.com.

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