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About Dry Herb and Wax Tanks

Besides e-liquid tanks, we also carry e-cig specialty tanks for dry herb and wax

How Do They Work?

This type of tanks works with rechargeable vape pen batteries like the Hathi Ikon 900mAh.

Typically, tanks for dry herb have a chamber that you fill with dry herb and compact over the coil. Atomizers for dry herbs are flat and have just a coil and no wick. If you use wax or concentrates, the atomizer will be conic so you can fill it up with wax. It will have a coil and a wick. Activating the battery will heat the coil and vaporize the herb or wax.

How to Care for a Dry Herb and Wax Tank:

When vapor production diminishes after a few puffs, the chamber will need to be cleaned and the herb ashes discarded. Some tanks will require a small scraping tool to clean the inside of the chamber. To clean the atomizer, just blow on it, but make sure you don't touch it with any tool or brush as you could damage the coil.

You can further clean the dry herb atomizer by screwing it back on its base and then back on the battery. Leave it exposed and fire the battery for a few seconds at a time. The residue on the coil will be burn off. This works only for the dry herb coils and not the wax coils as it would damage the wick. 


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