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About Vape Pen Batteries

Did you get a starter kit when you first got into vaping? You got all you needed to get started, but over time you may need some vape pen accessories like a new tank, a spare battery, a replacement charger, or you may just want to make your vape pen look nicer or more convenient. Below we will give you some pointers so you understand what you can get for replacement, upgrade, or just fun.

Types of E-Cig & Vape Batteries:

Do you need a new electronic cigarette battery? We have you covered at vaporwidgets.com. We carry a wide range of high quality e-cig batteries compatible with most vape tanks. Just make sure the new battery you get has a threaded connector compatible with the connector on your tank. The three most popular types of battery and tank connections are 808D, 510, and eGo.

  • 808D Batteries:

The 808D is used with look-alike e-cigs where the battery has a male thread and the cartridge a female thread. These batteries are thin and are close in diameter to a traditional cigarette. They can have a button to activate them or be activated automatically just by inhaling. Our Hathi Classic high capacity batteries are 280mAh and are also compatible with V2 Cig cartridges.

  • 510 Batteries:

The 510 connection is extremely popular. The battery is female threaded and the tank has a male thread. This type of connection is used with certain brands of look-alike e-cig like Blu eCigs and NJOY.  It is also used with mini e-cigs like the Hathi Mini and more advanced vaporizers like mechanical MODs, box MODs, and rebuildable atomizers. The 510 connection is the preferred MOD and RBA connection because it has a shorter and more direct connection between the coil and the battery, which limits the voltage drop and allows for better vapor production and longer battery life.

  • eGo Batteries:

The eGo threading system is widely popular on personal vaporizers like our Kanger EVOD style Hathi Ikon batteries. This system has the battery male threaded and the tank with a female thread. Usually, eGo batteries are also 510 threaded so they can also receive the larger vape pen tanks such as the Hathi BIG THRILL.

The batteries we carry are of very high quality. The basic Hathi Ikon model has a 900mAh regulated battery, but we also have more advanced vape pen batteries. If you want to upgrade and intensify your vaping experience with higher vapor production, variable voltage batteries like the Hathi Ikon variable voltage have a potentiometer at the base that allows you to vary the voltage delivered from 3.2V to 4.8V. Another type of more advanced batteries are variable wattage batteries. They are controlled by a microchip that allows you to choose the wattage delivered to the tank while the chip adjusts the voltage accordingly. Additionally, the microchip allows for an OLED screen with additional functions such as puff counter, switch to variable voltage mode, preset wattages, and more. They have either a built-in battery or a removable IMR 18650 battery that will dramatically increase your vaping time. With the higher voltage and wattage, you will enjoy more vapor.

E-Cig & Vape Chargers:

Most batteries will charge from the top with the charger screwing in place of the tank. Some others, called pass-through batteries, will have a mini USB connector to charge. The Hathi Classic, Hathi Mini, and Hathi Ikon charge from the top while the Joyetech eVic is a pass-through.

Each battery connection type will have its specific charger, so make sure you get the right one.

At vaporwidgets.com, we carry a range of high quality electronic cigarette chargers that are compatible with most e-cig batteries. The Hathi Classic charger will work with 808D batteries like our Hathi Classic and is compatible with V2 Cigs batteries. The Hathi Mini charger will charge 510 batteries like the Kanger E-SMART and our Hathi Mini battery. The Hathi IKON charger will charge eGo threaded battery like the Kanger EVOD and our Hathi Ikon battery.

We also have a universal USB wall plug and a universal USB car charger for e-cig chargers. It is always preferable to use the wall plug with your electronic cigarette charger. The car charger comes in handy if you are often on the go.

  • How Do I Care for My Battery?

Remember that you will lengthen the life of your battery if you charge it only when it's depleted. The Hathi Classic battery has an LED light at the tip that will flash when it's time to charge. As for the Hathi Mini and Hathi Ikon batteries, the button will be surrounded by a red light when it is time to charge. For the eVic, check the battery life meter on the OLED screen. All of our batteries have overcharge protection, so you can safely let them charge overnight as they will automatically stop charging when done.

Our batteries also have short circuit protection to safe guard against deficient atomizers or liquid leaks. You should always make sure, however, that the threads of the connector are clean and dry including at the center of the 510 pin. The best way is to dry it is with a paper towel or a Q-tip as often as possible or at least each time you refill your tank.

Don’t leave your batteries in wet, very cold, or very warm environments. Don’t leave them in your car. If the battery sleeve is punctured, make sure you safely dispose of the battery and use a new one.

  • E-Cig Battery Accessories:

Some battery accessories will help you stay organized and avoiding clutter. 

Get a travel case to carry your e-cigarette, charger, wall plug, replacement wicks, and vape juice all in one convenient case. With an e-cig lanyard, you wont have to look for your vape pen, it will be hanging from your neck ready for you to vape. The eGo/EVOD battery stand will keep your eGo or EVOD battery conveniently standing and your desk clutter free.

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