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About Box MODs

Variable voltage and wattage vape MODs, also called regulated MODs or box MODs, after their most common shape, use one or two li-ion batteries and a chip with electronic circuitry that allows you to adjust either the voltage or the wattage used by the atomizer (RDA, RBA, RTA, or sub ohm tank). Varying the voltage or preferably the wattage will change the vaping experience in the same way changing the coil’s characteristics would change the vaping experience with a mechanical MOD.

So Why Regulated Box MODs?

The first benefit of vapor box MODs is safety. The chips in more recent models protects the battery and the device against reverse polarity for batteries inserted the wrong way, battery shorts with defective coil builds, overcharge by powering off the device automatically, and over-current when doing sub ohm vaping with unsafe resistance atomizers.

Another benefit of variable wattage MODs is that you can instantly adjust your vaping experience at a push of a button. Increase or decrease the wattage and you will get a warmer or cooler vape. It gives you more instant control over your vaping without having to change your coils like you would have to do with an unregulated MOD.

Lastly, most box MODs also come with an OLED screen that is loaded with informations like battery charge indicator, wattage and voltage level, atomizer resistance, and possibly a puff counter.

What Type of Batteries Do I Need?

Some box MODs have a built in battery while some others use one or two flat top 18650 IMR high drain batteries such as the purple Efest.

The iStick and IPV Mini single battery box MODs are pass-through and can be charged with a USB cable. Double battery VW box MODs like the iPV4 100W have a magnetic back to easily remove the batteries as they will need to be charged in an external charger.

What Box MOD Should I Choose?

Selecting a box MOD that will be right for you really depends on how you intend to vape. Will you use a tank, a RBA, or both? Will you sub ohm and if so, how low? The chip in the box MOD will determine how low a resistance you can use for your coil, if you can vape in variable voltage mode or variable wattage mode, and how high you can go. Usually, MODs with lower wattage will also have a higher resistance minimum. Generally, a 30W MOD will accepts coils from 0.5 ohms and up, while a 150W device can go as low as 0.2 ohms. We recommend you choose a variable wattage capable MOD or that you select the variable wattage mode if your device can also operate in variable voltage. If you are using a sub ohm tank like the Kanger Toptank, select a box MOD up to 100W. If you want to sub ohm vape with rebuildable dripping atomizers, choose a Box MOD that will accept the type of resistance you intend to build. If you vape a lot on very low resistance coils, get a Box MOD with 2 or 3 batteries as it will give you more autonomy and will work with lower resistance coils.

What is a Box MOD with Temperature Control mode?

Most Box MODs now come with Temperature Control mode in addition to Wattage mode. In Temperature Control mode, you are able to set a temperature you like to vape at and the Box MOD will self regulate its output so the coil is heated at that temperature, even on long pulls or quick consecutive pulls. In wattage mode, the output is constant so the coil will ramp up and continue to heat up the longer you fire it. An advantage of the temperature control is that the Box MOD chip will sense if you run out of vape juice and stop firing before you start burning the cotton, avoiding nasty dry hits! 

Temperature Control mode is specific to a type of coil wire. The most common or Ni, Ti, SS and sometimes Nc. Make sure you use the right coil with the right temperature control setting or you will burn those coils very quickly!

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