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About Mechanical MODs

Mechanical Vape MODs, also called unregulated MODs or tube MODs after their most common shape, are essentially a battery housing with a fire button on one end and a 510 connection on the other end for an atomizer (RDA, RBA, RTA, or a sub ohm tank). Unregulated Vapor MODs have no circuitry or electronic components. Mechanical MOD fire buttons make physical contact with the battery and cause it to deliver an unregulated current to the atomizer, heating up the coil, and vaporizing the e-liquid.

What Makes One Mech MOD Better Than the Other?

Since they have no electronics regulating the MOD or buttons you can push to adjust the wattage to your coil, the key to understanding and operating unregulated MODs safely is to understand resistance. Resistance is measured in Ohms. Resistance has to be considered globally throughout the mech MOD and its rebuildable atomizer. Since the current also travels through the body of the mech MOD, we have to also consider the resistance of the MOD itself, which includes the body of the MOD, the 510 connection, and the fire button. Once you understand that, you begin to see that what differentiates between mechanical MODs is the quality of their construction and the attention to lowering its resistance to maximize conductivity (you can check the voltage drop between what the battery can deliver to what the atomizer is actually receiving). Unregulated MODs in copper will provide a lower voltage drop than brass or stainless steel. Another way to increase conductivity is to have copper or silver plated contacts. With most high quality MODs, however, it usually comes down to aesthetics.

Customizing Your Vaping Experience With a Mechanical Vape MOD:

You can customize your vaping experience by building your own coils assuming you are an advanced user with a good understanding of Ohm’s law and have access to the necessary safety tools. You can build coils that will give you more vapor production or more flavor. You can also build for a warmer or cooler vape. When you start lowering the resistance of the coil in your rebuildable atomizer, you start getting closer to potentially getting a short on your battery, which can be dangerous. Very low resistance coil build creates a very heavy drain or load on the battery. You have to make sure that your battery is able to deliver and sustain this type of load. It is imperative that you use a high drain IMR battery as they are better suited for mechanical MODs, but you still need to make sure that your build won't exceed what the battery can deliver. Make sure you know how to measure the resistance of your atomizer, the load of your battery, and that you know how to use Ohm's law to confirm that your build is safe. You can read more about Ohm's law in the section about rebuildable atomizers.

What are the Best Batteries for a Mech MOD?

Just remember that all batteries are not equal. Always make sure you use quality IMR high drain batteries such as the Efest purple battery and know their discharge amperage and minimum drainage. Imperatively, also make sure to always check your builds with an ohm meter.

Depending on the resistance of your builds as well as how much you vape, you might need more than one battery to get through the day. For example, if you are sub ohm vaping (coils built under 1.0 Ohms) you will produce more vapor, but also drain your batteries a lot faster. See more about batteries in the IMR batteries section.

Types of Unregulated Vape MODs:

The most common sizes of tube mech MODs are +/- 22 mm for 18 mm diameter batteries and +/-28 mm for 26 mm diameter batteries.

22 mm or 24mm mechanical MODs take 18650 batteries, which will allow you to build coils with lower resistance while maintaining decent vape time. 26mm mechanical tube MODs with use 26650 batteries. Some MODs have removable tube sections so you can also use 18500 or 18350 batteries. Just make sure sure to build your coils according to the specifications of your battery.

Cleaning Your Mechanical MOD:

It is a good idea to regularly clean your mechanical MOD with rubbing alcohol, preferably 91% or more, using a microfiber towel. It will keep the conductivity of your MOD at its best. If you just got your new MOD and are cleaning it for the first time, it will remove any oil and metal dust residues that might be left from manufacturing. Thereafter, it will keep all the connections clean of any e-liquid and other contaminants. First, take apart your mechanical MOD, just be sure you know how to put it back together, and clean each part with the towel and a little alcohol concentrating heavily on the threads. Then let the parts dry completely before you put your mech MOD back together and insert battery as you don't want to get a battery short.

If you have a brass or copper MOD, they will take on a patina over time. This happens naturally from the oil on your hands, juice runoff, and just the ambient air. If you want to keep the original look of your brass or copper MOD from when you first got it, polish it with a microfiber towel and a metal polish compatible with your MOD's metal. Make sure you just do the outside of your MOD. If the threads get oxidized, use a small brush to clean them, but don’t brush the outside of the tube beyond the threads as you don't want to mark or damage the body of your MOD.

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