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About E-Cig Vapor Tanks

Electronic cigarettes combine a battery and a tank filled with a special e-liquid intended to deliver nicotine to their user through the inhalation of a vapor charged with nicotine. Not burning any tobacco, electronic cigarettes are tar, smoke, odor, and ash free. The vape juice is heated up inside the tank and vaporized into the mouthpiece so it can be inhaled.

Different e-cigs use different types of e-liquid tanks and wicks. Here we will go over the e-liquid tanks, but we also carry specialty tanks for dry herb and wax that we cover in a different article.

E-Cig Cartomizers:

Smaller rechargeable e-cigarettes, like our Hathi Classic e-cig, are similar to traditional tobacco cigarettes in shape and feel and are therefore also called cigarette look-alikes. They use a refillable cartridge called a cartomizer to store the e-liquid.

Cartomizers are filled with polyfill surrounding a tube with a built-in atomizer. If not pre filled, the cartomizer needs to be filled with e-liquid before it can be used. The polyfill absorbs and holds the vape juice and the atomizer vaporizes it into a rich, flavorful vapor. Our Hathi Classic refillable e juice cartomizers are compatible with V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes. They can be refilled with any of our Hathi VIBE e-liquids.

E-Cig Clearomizers:

E-cigarettes with larger batteries like the Hathi Ikon use refillable tanks called clearomizers. Some clearomizers are disposable like those for the Hathi Mini electronic cigarette. Other clearomizers are rebuildable, like the Hathi Big and Mega Thrill tanks and the clearomizers for the Hathi Ikon e-cigs.

Clearomizers are e-cig vape tanks that are completely transparent or have a a see-through window, which allows you to see how much e liquid you have left in your tank and avoid running out of ejuice. Clearomizers come in different sizes and some hold more vape juice than others, so you won’t need to refill as often.

There are a few different kinds of clearomizers available. Top coils, bottom coils or bottom wicks, and multiple coils or multiple wicks (coil or wick in this case refers the whole atomizer).

  • Top Coil:

The top coil clearomizer creates a warm, flavorful vapor. This is because the wick is so close to the mouthpiece. These are the easiest kinds of clearomizers to refill as you fill them up from the top. However, the wick may lose contact with the liquid as it depletes and you may have to tilt the e-cig to get the wick saturated again. If not, you will get a dry hit, which is where you are burning the wick instead of vaporizing the e-liquid.

  • Bottom Coil:

Bottom coil clearomizers have great wicking and the vapor quality is excellent. It will produce a cooler vapor as the vapor will have to travel up through the moutpiece and will cool along the way. Since the wick is always in contact with the ejuice, dry hits are less common. Some bottom coil tanks have a single wick like the Hathi Ikon tank or the Hathi BIG THRILL tank while others like the Hathi MEGA THRILL tank have a dual coil wick. With bottom coil vape tanks, you might get some gurgling, hissing, or cracking noises as more liquid than needed finds its way to the atomizer. Also, this type of tank is more prone to leaks if not properly secured.

  • Multiple Coils:

Multiple coil tanks generate more vapor and a stronger throat hit. The more popular type are bottom dual coils. Since they have more coils, they will use more battery life. The Hathi MEGA THRILL is a dual coil e-cig tank and work perfectly with more advanced batteries with larger capacity and up to 11 Watts output. VV and VW batteries are able to heat dual coils at a higher temperature for more vapor and a warmer vape than regular eGo batteries. The Hathi MEGA THRILL vape tank also has an airflow control valve that allow you to adjust for a harder or smoother vape or for a warmer or cooler vapor, whichever you prefer. You can also add the airflow Control Valve to the Hathi Big Thrill.

How to Care for Your Vape Tank:

  • Change Wicks When Needed:

Use a tank with a fresh atomizer, also called a coil or wick, for the best flavor and vapor production. The heating element in the tank will eventually wear out, usually after vaping 10ml with a cartomizer and 30 to 50ml with a clearomizer. You will first notice a decrease in the eliquid vapor production before you get a burnt taste with each inhale. Disposable vape tanks like cartomizers or disposable clearomizers are discarded and changed for an entirely new one. With rebuildable tanks, you just need to change the coil (or wick), which screws in at the bottom of the tank.

Make sure you get the right replacement wicks for your rebuildable tank as they are not universal. The Hathi IKON 1 and 2 clearomizer, the Hathi Big Thrill, and the Kanger Protank 2 share the same single coil wick. The Hathi Mega Thrill and the Kanger Aerotank share the same dual coil wicks.

  • How to Care for Leaks:

If you have a leak with a bottom coil e-cig tank, most often it is due to the coil getting loose in the base. Otherwise, it can be a gasket of the base that came out of its groove, the coil was screwed too tight into the base, or the base was screwed to tight with the rest of the tank. Start with checking the coil and see if it's loose. If it is, problem solved. In any case, still unscrew the coil from the base and dry the bottom part that screws into the base. Make sure you don’t pull out the wick material or remove any of the gaskets. If the coil was not loose, dry the base of the tank where the coil screws into. Then check the gaskets and make sure they are in place. This routine should resolve any leaking.

  • Eliminating Gurgling Noises:

With bottom coils, a little bit of crackling noise is normal. If you have a gurgling noise in the tank, remove it from the battery, wrap a napkin on the base and blow through the mouth piece. It will push the excess liquid back into the tank or into the napkin through the air intake holes. To reduce gurgling occurrences, make sure you take slower, longer inhales. Avoid hard sudden pulls.
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