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About E-Cig Starter Kits

Electronic cigarettes, also called e-cigarettes or e-cigs, are tobacco free electronic devices intended to deliver nicotine to their user through the inhalation of a vapor charged with nicotine. Not burning any tobacco, electronic cigarettes are tar, smoke, odor, and ash free.

E-cigs combine a battery and a tank filled with a special e-liquid available in a variety of flavors and nicotine levels. The e liquid is heated up inside the tank and vaporized into the mouthpiece so it can be inhaled.

Most electronic cigarettes are rechargeable. The smaller rechargeable e-cigarettes look like traditional tobacco cigarettes in shape and feel and are therefore also called cigarette look-alikes. This type of e-cigarette uses tank cartridges called cartomizers. The e-cigarettes with larger batteries are called personal vaporizers or vape pens. They use refillable tanks called clearomizers. You can learn more about cartomizers and clearomizers in About E-Cig Vapor Tanks.

Vapor Widgets carries a wide range of technologically advanced, high performance electronic cigarettes. The most convenient way to get started is to grab an e-cig or vape pen starter kit. Depending on the kit you choose, it will contain one or two batteries, one or two tanks, a charger, and a wall plug.

Discover our Vape Starter Kits. If you are looking for a cigarette look-alike, try our Hathi Classic kit. If you are a heavier smoker, you will need a larger battery to get through the day, so we recommend you choose a iStick and Hathi MEGA Thrill Combo kit or an iCare kit.

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