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E-Liquids Vape Tanks & Wicks

Different e-cigs use different types of eliquid vape tanks. Smaller rechargeable e-cigarettes, like our Hathi Classic e-cig, are similar to traditional tobacco cigarettes in shape and feel. They use a refillable cartridge called a cartomizer. E-cigarettes with larger batteries like the Hathi Mini or Hathi Ikon use refillable tanks called clearomizers. Some clearomizers are disposable like those for the Hathi Mini electronic cigarette. Other clearomizers are rebuildable, like the Hathi Big and Mega Thrill tanks and the clearomizers for the Hathi Ikon e-cigs.

Make sure you get the right replacement wicks for your rebuildable tank as they are not universal. The Hathi Ikon1 and 2 clearomizer, the Hathi Big Thrill tank, and the Kanger Protank 2 share the same single coil wick. The Hathi Mega Thrill and the Kanger Aerotank share the same dual coil wicks.

We also offer a selection of Tanks for Dry Herb and Wax.

To learn more, click on this link About E-Cig Vapor Tanks.


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