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Mechanical Vape MODs

Mechanical Vape MODs, also called unregulated MODs or tube MODs after their most common shape, are essentially a battery housing used in conjunction with an atomizer (RDA, RBA, RTA, or a sub ohm tank). Unregulated Vapor MODs have no circuitry or electronic components. Mechanical MOD fire buttons make physical contact with the battery and cause it to deliver an unregulated current to the atomizer, heating up the coil and vaporizing the e-liquid.

At vaporwidgets.com we carry only MODs from manufacturers that meet our high quality standards, so you can enjoy a safe and optimum vaping experience. Just remember that all batteries are not equal. Always make sure you use quality IMR high drain batteries such as the Efest purple battery and know their discharge amperage and minimum drainage.

To learn more, click on this link About Mechanical MODs.

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