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Premium E-Liquid Tobacco Flavors

Hathi VIBE USA Mix and Hathi VIBE Tobacco ejuices are the two more popular tobacco e-cig liquids. USA Mix is close in taste to Marlboro. Tobacco has more of a straight forward tobacco flavor. Some other Hathi VIBE e juices are close to other known cigarette brands. Mall Blend is like Pall Mall, Tony is close to Winston, Desert is similar to Camel, and Virgin Gold resembles Virginia Slims.

The Hathi VIBE tobacco eliquids can be divided into three sub categories of flavors.

  1. Captical Cuba and King of Cigar e juices form the Cigar sub category.
  2. The Tabac King, Tony, USA Mix, and Tobacco Hathi vape juices have a straight forward an increasingly strong tobacco taste when ranked in that order.
  3. Oriental, Virgin Gold, Desert, and DK4 vape liquids make up the third sub category with a sweeter tobacco taste. DK4 has a distinct vanilla caramel taste.

Browse our extensive list of ejuices grouped into five categories: Tobacco, Menthol, Fruit, Dessert, and Other, or get inspired with our Top Hathi Flavors! And if you want to know more about eliquids, you can check out this article Do You Know What’s In Your E-Liquid? or click on this link About Hathi Premium e-liquids.

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