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The Milkman Max VG Premium E-Liquids

The Milkman is here! The geniuses behind the Vaping Rabbit line of premium e-juice are taking us all on a journey to the next level of vaping with The Milkman. The Milkman line of e-liquids are Max VG vape juices that will chuck monster clouds but at the same time are flavorful for a truly exceptional vaping experience.

Both The Milkman Original and the Churrios are great sweet e-juices with a guess what... a fresh milk base, that will deliver a truly sensational flavors right to your taste buds. Well balanced and extremely delicious, The Milkman and Churrios deliver you a perfect vaping experience worthy of being an All-Day-Vape, 30ml at a time.

Each 30ml bottle ships in an official Milkman milk carton carrier.

Click on the link to learn more About Premium High VG E-Liquids.

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