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Hathi CLASSIC Vape Starter Kit

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Hathi CLASSIC E-Cig - Starter Kit:

  • 2 + High capacity Hathi CLASSIC rechargeable auto batteries (280mAh, 808D thread, blue with red LED tip)
  • 6 + 1.0ml Empty cartridges (5pack + 1)
  • 1 + USB CLASSIC compact charger
  • 1 + AC adapter 100-240V 50/60Hrz
  • 1 + Hathi CLASSIC user manual


Ready to switch to electronic cigarette, but wanting something close in dimensions and feel to your traditional cigarette? You have tried disposable e-cigarettes and are ready for an upgrade? Then the Hathi CLASSIC vape starter kit is ideal for you.

Switch to Vaping

With 2 high capacity batteries, you will never run out or charge on the go with the USB charger. Also, don't worry, our batteries are protected against over-charging.

The 6 empty cartridges are easy to fill with the Hathi VIBE premium e-liquids. Choose from over 50 flavors in 5 levels of nicotine!

If you prefer the convenience, the CLASSIC Hathi batteries are also compatible with KR808D prefilled cartridges like V2.

To learn more, click on this link About E-Cig Starter Kits.

Make the switch and get your Hathi CLASSIC vape starter kit today.


Access the User Manual by clicking on the hyperlink below:

Hathi CLASSIC Starter Kit - User Manual

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