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Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDAs)

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDA) are a type of customizable atomizers used with Mechanical Vape MODs and Variable Watt Box MODs. Drippers require custom building of the coil and wick that vaporizes the e-liquid when heated. Since RDAs have no refillable tank, the top cap will need to be removed and the vape juice dripped directly onto the coils and wicks. Some attys have a deeper juice well that allow for more puffs between redripping, but 4 to 6 puffs is normally the max before you puff a nasty dry hit, which happens when the wick gets dry.

RDAs comes in different shapes and use different systems of airflow that control cooling to offer different vaping experiences. Drippers with a smaller distance between the deck and the mouth piece and with smaller airflow intake tend to maximize flavor production. While RDAs with a roomier chamber and larger airflow intake allow to build hotter coils that will chuck more vapor. Some attys like the Kennedy V2 Competition RDA are excellent all around and able to produce a lot of vapor or a lot of flavor depending on your coil build and airflow settings. Some drippers have a extra large wide bore drip tip eliminating the need to remove the top cap to drip. Just drip directly through the wide opening.

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