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Premium E-Liquid Menthol Flavors

Check out the large offering of the Hathi VIBE Menthol e-liquid flavors. You will certainly find a menthol e-juices that you will love! Hathi VIBE Double Menthol and Strawberry Mint eliquids are very popular.

The Hathi VIBE menthol e juices can be divided into five sub categories.

  1. The Mint sub category groups all the ejuices that are variations of green mint. It includes Mint, Green Mint, Strong Mint, Double Mint, and Triple Mint by order of increasing intensity.
  2. Variations on the very fresh blue mint make up the Menthol sub category, which include Extreme Ice Cool, Double Menthol, and Triple Menthol vape juices, also by order of increasing strength.
  3. Mint Candy, Peppermint, and Spearmint vape juices belong to the Candy sub category. They are fresh and sweet.
  4. Grape Mint, Ice Apple, Melon Mint, and Strawberry Mint e liquids belong to the Fruit sub category.
  5. Mint Choc, Vanilla Mint, and Power Drink Mint are Other interesting flavors with a menthol twist.

Browse our extensive list of ejuices grouped into five categories: Tobacco, Menthol, Fruit, Dessert, and Other, or get inspired with our Top Hathi Flavors! And if you want to know more about eliquids, you can check out this article Do You Know What’s In Your E-Liquid? or click on this link About Hathi Premium e-liquids.

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