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Hit That Juice Premium E-Liquids

Hit That Donut Line Of Vape Juices

Hit That Juice is brought to you by Mike Vapes, the same Mike Vapes who reviews your favorite Vape products on Youtube.com/MikeVapes1. Mike was a cigarette smoker for over 24 years before being introduced to Vaping in 2015. Now he gets to review the newest and hottest products not only for his enjoyment but to help keep the Vape Community informed.

After Vaping and reviewing some of the best juices in the industry Mike Vapes decided to revolutionize the E-liquid industry by creating Hit That Juice, a premium juice line using only the highest grade ingredients and offering it to the Vape community at an affordable price! Mike understood that many of the best E-liquids on the market were also some of the most expensive products. So he decided to create a product that was not only the best but also extremely affordable. The Hit That Juice line was inspired by Mike Vapes’ top favorite flavors to Vape. We carry the Hit That Donut Line. Enjoy the experience! 

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