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Hathi VIBE Premium E-Liquids

Hathi VIBE Premium e-liquids are made with the highest grade ingredients in a GMP pharmaceutical lab. There is no Diacetyl in Hathi VIBE e juices. Browse our extensive list of ejuices grouped into five categories: Tobacco, Menthol, Fruit, Dessert, and Other, or get inspired with our Top Hathi Flavors!

Hathi VIBE ejuices come with a higher level of PG than VG for more intense flavor and throat hit. They are available in incremental levels of nicotine: 0 mg (No Nicotine), 6 mg (Ultra Light), 12 mg (Light), 18 mg (Medium), and 24 mg (Full). Take advantage of the deal for 3 or 6 bottles! Mix and match your favorite flavors and levels of nicotine. Hathi VIBE premium e liquids come in 10ml bottles to give you the convenience of changing flavors more often.

If you want to know more about eliquids, you can check out this article Do You Know What’s In Your E-Liquid? or click on this link About Hathi Premium e-liquids.

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