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Vape Drip Tips

Personalize your vape pen tank or your e-cig rebuildable tank with a cool looking drip tip! All the drip tips on vaporwidgets.com are 510 compatible. The Hathi BIG THRILL, Hathi MEGA THRILL, 19mm acrylic drip tips, knuckelheads drip tips, and muffler mouth pieces have a slightly smaller bore and are perfect for vape pens. Still, they will fit the atty on your mechanical MOD or box MOD. The knucklehead drip tips are not just cool looking, they will also allow you to customize the angle at which you vape. With the knucklehead “glow-in-the-dark” you are sure to be the talk of the town at night!

With rebuildable atomizers (RBA, RDA, RTA), try the wide bore clear glass, Vape Lyfe cylinder drip tips, and type 2 stainless steel drip tips. The Teflon drip tip will keep your lips from getting burned on sub ohm coil builds.

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