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Vaping, the Holidays, and You!

Posted on December 23, 2014 by Vapor Widgets

The Holiday season is in full swing! It’s the time of year that revolves around the joy of giving. We are all tasked with getting the perfect gift that suits you or the person who will receive the gift. And when you first walk into a vape shop, the options may seem endless! So knowing what to buy can save you a bunch of time and money. For first-time vapers, Starter Kits are literally a great way to start. 

Featured below are three great kits to keep in mind when making your purchase!

Take this Hathi MINI Starter Kit! The MINI brings the rich vaping experience of an e-cigarette vaporizer with the size and feel of traditional cigarettes. It's a great gift for those who are thinking of making the switch and would like something that closely resembles a tobacco cigarette with an e-cig flare. 

Next up is our Hathi IKON 2 Starter Kit! This is a full-on vape pen. Sleek and compact, the IKON 2 is the kit for seasoned or beginner vapers alike. The kit comes with two powerful 900 mAh and running through the Holidays, an extra tank to keep your e-juice stored and ready to use! Choose your kit in 8 different colors! 

Here is the Hathi IKON Plus Starter Kit! Get this kit for vapers who are always on-the-go! Utilizing the same IKON 2 batteries, the IKON Plus brings an upgraded tank that holds up to 2.4ml of e-liquid so that you fill your tank less often. 

And now for the more seasoned vapers:

Here's a great combo of three amazing products: 4Nine Copper MOD, 454 Big Block Copper RDA, and a wide-bore Copper drip tip. Unique design with no positive center pin, allowing your atomizer to come into direct contact with the positive end of the battery: lower voltage drop and longer battery life! Chuck some massive clouds and have fun while doing it!

Give the gift of vaping!

And we hope you all have a splendid Holiday Season!

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