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A View of our Miami Vape Shop - Vapor Widgets

Posted on December 19, 2014 by Vapor Widgets

Welcome to Vapor Widgets!

When we set out to create a vape shop in Miami, we wanted to create a space for newcomers and seasoned vapers that felt welcoming. After all, e-cigs are a relatively new product and making the switch may seem like a difficult task. So our store was designed to make you feel at ease so that making the switch becomes that much easier. Our staff is dedicated to the world of vaping, so your transition will surely be a smooth one. We enjoy vaping. So much so, that we harnessed our energy to build a store that centered around our own reason for vaping: freedom.

Open, brightly lit, clean with a touch of industrial decor and contemporary minimalism. A blend of the old and the new. And this is very much the same that we get with electronic cigarettes and vape pens - the satisfying fix all dressed up in new clothes without the harmful tar, ash, or smoke. This is what we wanted to project - the freedom to choose, to make the switch.

And our statue of Ganesh emphasizes this point. One of the most recognized figures of the Hindu Pantheon, Ganesh is the God of Wisdom, Knowledge, and New Beginnings. We set out to offer something new and bring an option to the table, an alternative. Ganesh welcomes those who are seeking to make the switch to vaping.

Our walls are lined with options. Hand-crafted shelves display a variety e-cigarettes and, of course, e-liquids. With nearly 100 unique e-liquids from which to choose, your tank or mechanical MOD will always have its fuel. With these countless flavors and various manufacturers, we're sure to carry the e-juice that's right for you. 

And for seasoned vapers or those that want to advance their vaping to mechanical MODs, we carry top-of-the-line MODs, atomizers, drip-tips, and much more. We truly set out to cater to your freedom to choose.

So if you're in Miami, Florida - whether visiting or living - stop by Vapor Widgets. Our staff is friendly, helpful, educated, and always prepared to answer any of your questions. We're located at the intersection of Kendall Dr (SW 88th ST) and 127th AVE, next to the Home Depot - 12754 SW 88th ST.

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