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Sensible and Direct Responses to E-Cigarette Arguments

Posted on December 09, 2014 by Vapor Widgets

On December 3rd, the UK Society for Behavioral Medicine held their 10th annual conference in Nottingham. One of the keynote speakers was John Britton, Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Nottingham, Director of the UK Center for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies, and chairs the Royal College of Physicians advisory group. With this list of credentials, it is difficult not to take his responses to common arguments raised against e-cigarettes as valid.

Presented below are two slides from his presentation at the conference that provide direct, and sensible, responses to claims about e-cigs. On the left column are the arguments and directly beside on the right column are his responses to each: 

To-the-point and effective. His position with respect to electronic cigarettes is clear and sensible. E-cigarettes should be welcomed as a harm-reduction strategy and more should be done to assess their effect on users to better educate the public and allow for informed decisions to be made.

As a vape shop, this brings comfort. And as users of e-cigs, vape pens or mechanical MODs, you're now armed with practical solutions to the problems these arguments raise. 

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