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Vape and Vibe: Buckshot Vapors and More!

Posted on April 20, 2015 by Vapor Widgets

Our most recent Vape & Vibe event was another great success with vapers gathering and sharing their vaping experiences, and coming together at Vapor Widgets to vibe! The night was filled with much excitement, thanks especially to Buckshot Vapors who sponsored the event with a host of prizes, from shirts, hats, stickers, and two full lines of their e-liquid. Complimentary drinks and food were also available for attendees, so everyone left the event a winner!

We created this event to cater to our loyal customers and showcase the world of vaping to those who have had an interest in making the switch. Our team of vaping connoisseurs were on hand to answer any question, provide e-liquid taste tests, and demonstrate our latest products. Our customers are the world to us, so ensuring that they receive the utmost care and service is our primary concern. And with that comes a premier selection of quality products, including MODs and lines of exquisite e-juices like Buckshot Vapors

Fellow vapers were comparing their setups, which always makes for a great talking points. Discussing the merits of one RDA over another or one MOD versus the next, the conversations were always centered around great topics, each adding to the vibe. After all, that's the point! We meet to share our stories; stories that have an underlying common thread - VAPING!

As the night went on, we got to the most anticipated portion of the night - Buckshot Vapors! Gracious enough to sponsor the evening, the amazing team at Buckshot sent us over a multitude of great prizes that each vaper was eagerly awaiting to win. Prizes were handed out by random drawing, with the two lines of Buckshot Vapors available to those who pre-registered and were present that evening. And to the first winner went...

...an awesome Buckshot T-Shirt! A few of these were given out that night, so we are sure that several vapers instantly upgraded their wardrobe to include some hip vaping attire. 

After these neat shirts, hats, and stickers were handed out, we started our pre-registration raffle. This incredible prize consisted of a FULL LINE of Buckshot Vapors 15mL e-liquids. And the winner of the first line was... 

...very lucky, very excited, and very happy! With these great tasting flavors in hand, this lucky winner is sure to have a great supply of e juice for quite a while! And for the final prize, complete with a custom Buckshot Vapors e-liquid box, let's just say everyone was eager for it! The tickets were shuffled and shuffled and re-shuffled, and the Buckshot Vapors e-liquid box went to... 

...this lucky customer! Here's a better look at the prize:

All in all, it was a great night filled with great prizes, great vibes, and great people! A huge thanks to all who came and showed their support as well as Buckshot Vapors for providing us with great prizes that kept our customers smiling from cheek to cheek.

Stay tuned, there's more Vape & Vibe coming your way!

For more pictures of the event, click here.

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