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Vape and Vibe: Vapor Widgets Vape Meet!

Posted on March 24, 2015 by Vapor Widgets

Our event this past Friday, March 20th, was an incredible success! Vape & Vibe saw a great turnout, with plenty of vapers vibing! From taste-testing; raffles and giveaways; food and drinks; and great music, Vape and Vibe always had something going on! 

Fellow vaping enthusiasts got together, exchanged stories, and tried the many flavors offered at our vape shop. From seasoned vapers who use mech MODs or Box MODs, to people who were just trying out vape pens for the first time, the crowd mingled and shared their vaping experiences.

That night, everyone was a winner! But especially Don Beal!

The sign-up sheet for our pre-registration raffle was overflowing with vapers who wanted a chance to win a FULL LINE of Ben Jonson's 30mL e-juices! As the raffle tickets were being drawn at random, Don Beal's name was called! A huge congratulations to him for winning and an enormous thank you to Ben Jonson's Awesome Sauce for their sponsorship!

As the night went on, there was one thing that never settled - the clouds! These cloud chasers definitely reached the heavens with their sick clouds and tricks!

For those 21 and over, Santa Teresa Rum spiced up the event with a great-tasting, complimentary bar. I mean, what else could go so well with delicious drinks but vaping!? Nothing else comes to mind!

At our event, no one left empty-handed! The winner of our in-store raffle scored a line of Traditional Juice 30mL e-juices. His tank is definitely gonna be fueled and filled for a while! Thanks Traditional Juice Co for making his night!

Everyone had a shot at winning something! Posters, T-shirts, and brand stickers were also raffled! 

And of course, wonderful music was keeping all our guests entertained! From a DJ spinning some great hits, to live music provided by one of our loyal customers! And as it turns out, music and vaping is a great mix!

We all had a great time. Click here to view more pictures of Vape & Vibe!

Many thanks to Ben Jonson's Awesome Sauce e-juices, Santa Teresa Rum, and Traditional Juice Co e-liquids for sponsoring our event with amazing prizes, e-liquids, and making our event a huge success!

If you missed this Vape & Vibe, fret not! We are so thrilled at the turnout, that we will definitely be having more events in the very near future!

Stay tuned, sign-up, and leave a winner. Keep on vaping and vibing!

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